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Hightop is one of the professional wedge wire screen manufacturers and suppliers in China, we specialize in the production of stainless steel wedge screens, grate, filter and strainer, profile wire panel and tube, curved sieve bend screen, nozzles, water intake screens, mining screens and other profile V-wire screen products.

Wedge wire screens also known as Vee-wire screen or profile wire screen, is welded by V-shaped stainless steel wires. The structure of this mesh can prevent clogging, maximize the opening area, and ensure the required particle retention through the precise slit size. The raw water intake screens improves the uniform low speed of the entire screen surface, and almost eliminates the blocking and clogging of the screen. This unique structure makes wedge wire mesh an ideal choice for water treatment and processing industries.

For water treatment or other liquid treatment plants, high-quality products are particularly important, so you need reliable wedge wire screen suppliers or manufacturers. Hightop is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We have more than 10 years of history in the field of profile wire screen manufacturing. We can customize products of various specifications to meet the needs of customers for various projects.

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We design, manufacture and supply a wide variety of wedge wire mesh for various industrial applications.

V-shaped Profile Wire Screen by Applications

With best quality and reasonable price, our profile wire screen products gain the trust of our customers and establish the long term cooperation.

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As one of the most professional wedge wire screen manufacturers and suppliers, we produce a variety of stainless steel and alloy grade Johnson screens with reliable performance in various industries. Our high quality inspection and strict product testing ensure all our V-wire screen products.