Wedge Wire Mash Tun False Bottom, Stainless Steel Brew Kettle False Bottom

Wedge wire mash tun false bottom is often used in the beer brewing industry, thanks to its unique V-shaped welding wire structure, the top of the wedge wire false bottom provides a flat and smooth surface, which makes it difficult for grains to accumulate on the surface. On the other hand, the V-shaped structure at the bottom makes the metal wire narrow down, and the opening gradually widens, so the liquid is easier to pass through, speeding up the flow rate.

Because wedge wire brew kettle false bottom has the characteristics of automatic cleaning, not easy to block, high filtration accuracy and high flow rate, it has become the preferred mash tun false bottom of many brewery filter barrels.

What is a Mash Tun False Bottom?

Mash tun false bottom, Lauter tun false bottom or brew kettle false bottom, is a sieve screen used to separate wort from the solids of mash. Some electronic beer brewing systems such as Robobrew or Brewzilla are used to separate and extract the wort and must be equipped with reliable Lauter tun false bottoms.

The Lauter tun/brew kettle false bottom is made of wedge wire screen or perforated plate. Now stainless steel false bottom of advanced mash tun is made of wedge wire. The wedge wire allows higher flow rate, and has the characteristics of anti-clogging and self-cleaning.

stainless steel wedge wire false bottom

stainless steel brew kettle false bottom lauter tun

brewzilla robobrew false bottom

domed false bottom

cooler mash tun false bottom

brew kettle stainless steel false bottom

custom false bottom

stainless steel wedge wire robobrew false bottom

Features of Wedge Wire False Bottom for Mash Tun

  • Minimum slot size: 20 microns
  • A variety of materials are available: food grade 304, 316, 304L, 316L, 2205, Alloy 20, or higher alloys
  • Smooth and flat: polished, no burrs, no sharp edges,
  • Long service life, almost lifetime use

Wedge wire false bottom Application

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