Wedge Wire Cylinder Tubes

Wedge wire cylinder tubes is a profile wire filter tube formed by welding a stainless steel V-wire around a series support bars in the circumferential direction. The gap range of the filter tube is large. The minimum filtration accuracy of our wedge wire cylinder is 20 microns, and the gap between the V-wires can be selected between 0.02mm-60mm to meet the filtration needs of different industries.

Hightop wedge wire cylinder tube adopts full-process welding to form a uniform slot size. Compared with the traditional welding process, the fully welded profile wire, resin trap and screen plate have the characteristics of smooth tube surface, no burrs, and uniform gaps.

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wedge wire element

wedge wire filter strainer

wedge wire cylinder

wedge wire cylinder tubes

wedge wire cylinders

wedge wire screen filter

wedge wire cylinders

wedge wire cylinder

wedge wire strainer

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