Wedge Wire Filter and Strainer

Wedge wire filter is made of stainless steel triangular wire with continuous slot, which provides a larger opening area to filter particles and liquids. It come in two flow direction, filtering from the inside to the outside and filtering from the outside to the inside. According to customer requirements and different uses, we can design flow direction and shape to meet application requirements. We can customize various shapes of wedge wire strainer including tube, basket, cone, curved sieve bend, etc. The wedge wire filter is an ideal solution to meet the needs of industrial filtration, separation or media retention.


Non-clogging: The continuous slot of the wedge wire filter minimizes the clogging. Non-clogging provides maximum effective flow and efficient operation, thereby reducing cleaning downtime and costs.

High precision: Wedge wire strainer is manufactured with high precision and provide consistent slot size. The slot size can be between 0.025mm and 12.5mm, depending on the size of the particles.

Durable Structure: It is more durable than common wire mesh filters. Each joint of the wedge wire filters are welded to provide high strength and therefore a longer service time.

Easy to clean: It can be easily cleaned by scraping or backwashing.

Design flexibility: A variety of shapes are available, such as flat, cylindrical, conical or other shapes.

Wedge Wire Filter

wedge wire slot tubes

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wedge wire filters

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wedge wire strainer


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