Hightop is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wedge wire screens. We have been in this field for 10 years, and we continue to invest a lot of capital and equipment to design and produce high-quality wedge wire products. Through years of hard work, we have accumulated rich manufacturing experience. Our products include but not limited to wedge wire mesh, wedge wire sieve plate, sieve bend screen, wedge wire sieve tube, wedge wire sieve basket, wedge wire nozzle, wedge wire grate, Wedge wire false bottom, water intake screens, etc.

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Water Treatment

Wedge wires are mostly preferred in sewage treatment, centrifuging segments. Key products for the water treatment applications.

Mining and Mineral

The mining industry primarily From conveyor bands to the filtering screens are used in the mining and mineral industry.

Chemical and Petrochemical

In the chemical industry, wedge wires important to complete the fertilization process.

Food and Beverage

Wedge wires have a crucial role in the food and beverage industry for the pressure filtration, non-pressure filtration, cleaning, pressing applications.

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